• Pressure & Vacuum relief function
  • Anti-Surge & Anti-Shocks
  • Surge and waterhammer protection
  • Liquid overflow protection
  • Provides high capacity venting for pipeline protection
  • Increasing of pump efficiency
  • Less system energy
  • Maintenance free


It is two critical time in the operation of a pipeline. During filling, air that occupies the empty pipe must be evacuated ahead of the incoming liquid in a controlled and efficient manner so that surge and water hammer are minimized and liquid completely fills the pipe. During draining, whether planned or unexpected, air must be admitted into the system to replace the out flowing liquid to avoid excessive vacuum and possible pipeline damage. Air release valve are designed to release accumulated air pockets from the system, while pressured pipelines. Air pockets increase energy consumption because pumping operation will be at higher water heads to overcome pressured air. Air release valves are have function to protect high shock and surge pressure, water hammer and liquid overflow from fresh or sea water pipelines. PROSAVE’s valve can provide low cast insurance to protect expensive maintenance cost of pipelines and pump systems.

Activation 1 Pressure Relief

Activation 2 Vacuum Relief

Activation 3 Liquid Overflow Protection