Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve


International patent pending

  • IACS UR M66 & M9 Type Testing Procedure for Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve
  • MAN Diesel Quality Specifi cation

Special benefits of PROSAVE’s relief valves

  • Quick opening and fully relieving pressure.
  • Responds and opening even at a very low pressure setting
  • No flame escape to outside.
  • Due to absolute tightness after opening and closing, it prevents from secondary explosion.
  • Can be installed in all mounting position from vertical to horizontal.
  • It is light weight and small volume for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Free area of flame arrester is enough wide and similar relief area.
  • Closes and seals immediately after an explosion.

Rule and QC Specification being applied


  • IACS UR M66 Type testing procedure for Crankcase Relief Valve
  • IACS UR M9 Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves for crankcase of internal combustion engines
  • IACS UR M10 Protection of internal combustion engines against crankcase explosion

MAN Diesel Quality Specification

  • Quality Specification No. 0742838-0 (Crankcase Relief Valve)
  • Production Specification No. 0742839-2 (Function Test of Relief Valve)
  • Quality Control No. 0742827-2 (Control of Sub-suppliers)

Safety is our top priority at PROSAVE

  • PROSAVE’s quality assurance system complies with the latest ISO 9001 provision.
  • PROSAVE explosion relief valves have received top mark in numerous explosion tests conducted by the FTZU institute and type approved by NVGL, KR, LR, ABS, CCS, RS, BV, NK, RINA and MAN-ES.