• Adjustable Opening and Closing Times
  • In particular, fully opening time is less than 200 millisecond.
  • Open and close time of SRV depends on field site.
  • Quick open time and slight close time are adjustable.
  • Accurate and Precise Pressure Control Main valve of pressure control is provided by accurate and precise pressure of pneumatic solenoid valve.
  • Normal Open / Normal Close Selectable
  • SRV consists of solenoid valve and air receiver tank (optional) and air set, it enables Normal Open or Normal Close of main valve.


SRV is installed in the bypass line pipe to protect the piping system from the surge(Water hammer) by sudden flow change and pump sudden stop. Model SRV-PDA consists of a main valve, solenoid valve, air set, completely assembled and tested as a unit and ready for field installation. Main Valve is closed tightly when normal operation is in state. When a exceed pressure in piping system is occurred, surge command from pressure transmitter operates the solenoid valve, and main valve is open for protect the surge (Water hammer). It’s fully opening time is less than 200 millisecond.