Machanical Stand-Alone Axial TYPE


  • Surge Anticipating & Pressure Relief
    – SRV consists of low and high pilot valve, the low pilot valve anticipate surge (water hammer), the high pilot valve relieve the high pressure in piping system.
  • Accurate and Precise Pressure Control
    – Main valve of pressure control is provided by accurate and precise pressure of low & high pilot valve.
  • Adjustable Opening and Closing Times
    – Open and close time of SRV depends on field site.
    – Quick open time and slight close time are adjustable.


Rapid changes in flow velocity in pipelines and marine loading and unloadisng can produce rapid pressure surges. If these surges are not controlled immediately before they exceed the pressure limits, they can damage your equipment and become a serious safety and environment hazard. A surge reliet valve protects your system from build-up of pressure surges.